McNeary Origins

There are currently about 20 different family groups with the McNeary name in the United States, several of which we identify at our McNearys in the US page.

Geographical origins of the  McNeary family are probably in Scotland and/or Ireland, although our knowledge begins in northern Ireland.

My probable McNeary ancestors seem to appear first at Tirkeeran in 1724, James Mackennary as a tenant listed in Pike's 1724 Survey.  In the1796 First Garvagh Presbyterian Church Visitation lists, we find three McNeary households, Matthew, Nicholas and James, at Magheramore, the townland adjacent to Tirkeeran.

Prior to knowing of these Visitation lists, Matthew, born 1794, married to Sarah Paul was oiur first known ancestor.  We assume, correctly, I think, that our Matthew was Matthew he and many of his descendants lived and died at Magheramore.

The table immediately below summarizes seven McNeary sub-branches existing in County Derry in the 19th century.  Beginning with the Visitation lists, and with a wealth of other information at the Bann Valley site, and some from, I've developed these likely family subgroups.The subgroups are based upon the first person and the townland where we found them. Lots of assumptions are made.    I've either used colors or ------  to show which children belong to which parents.

   Initial Location                                 Gen 1                                  Gen 2                                   Gen 3                                  Gen 4                                 Gen 5                                  Other
                                                       mid- late 1700s             late 1700-mid 1800               mid-late 1800                    abt 1880 -mid 1900              early 1900

Magheramore   First Garvagh Presby Church Matthew m Agnus James 
Matthew Jr.  -----------------
and others
James Rentoul ----------
Alex       unmarried
Matt., Jeanie, Sarah, WWilson,
James R, Margaret, Thomas,  Mary, Alex, Anna E
Many Most listed on 
Magheramore   First Garvagh Presby Church Nicholas m Margaret James

Oliver   -------------------------

Oliver Robertson -------
Mgt, Wm A, Elizabeth,  
Mary?, Isabella
James, ?, ?,
Alicia  m H Ross  --------------
Elizabeth Jane      --------------
HJO, Sarah A, Mgt, WmA, Thomas A, Catherine,
____ Ross          ?_______
_____ ??             ?_______

        Coleen Ross, NZ
        Tom MacNeill

Magheramore   First Garvagh Presby Church James m Mary James  b est 1810 --------------
Assume this James belongs to James and Mary                         

?Richard m Koyle            
--John Wilson
--Mary Ann
--Martha  m Wm Jhn Craig     ---------------
--Mgt Jane m Morrison


Limavady  Unknown Unknown James m McLaughlin Matthew "of Derry"
Elizabeth & Mary
both dau to Canada
Listed on James  of Limavady/Moville

Unknown Thomas ? of Gorran Henry of Gorran
Alexander, Dr 
Thomas of Gorran


Mettican Unknown John m Jane

Randal or Reynold
                                also had

Robert  (to Philadelphia)
Jane & Ellen
John m Mary Jane Kane
Matthew & Catherine
John m Agnus Boyd

Samuel James m Rose  --------- ---------
Matthew Woodburn, 
Agnes Eleanor (had child in AU)
Jane Elizabeth
John (Jack) b1931

--and a grandchild

Luney - family Matthew James Matthew James Jr
Annie, Rachel, Eliza,Maggie,Mary
Bessie, Annie, Rachel



William Matthew m Isab Woodburn William John m F. White Isabella m William Lamont
Jane Gilmore
William John
Ernest Samuel
This family had a bakery in Garvagh  in the 1900s

  These are the three McNeary Households at Magheramore that show up on the 1st Presbyterian Visitation lists from 1896 through 1840.   There may have been other McNeary families at Magheramore before, then and after.   Any enlightening information would be appreciated.
Bann Valley Site Info Source                                                        Family 1                                             Family 2                                            Family 3
Tirkeeran -- 1724 Pikes Survey James Mackkennary Possibly father of all
Gap between 1724 and 1796, of one  or two generations

1796 1st Garvagh Presbyterian Church Visitation, Magheramore Matthew m Agnus
Elizabeth, James, Agnus, Serah, Matthew Jr
Nicholas m Margaret
Serah, Elizabeth, James, Oliver
James m Mary
Agnus, Richard and Elizabeth Koyle
1818 1st Garvagh Presbyterian Church Visitation, Magheramore Widow McNeary
Jas, Elizabeth, Mgt, Agnes, Serah

James and Mary
Margaret, James
1825 1st Garvagh Presbyterian Church Visitation, Magheramore Widow McNeary
Jas, Matthew, Agnes, Serah
Oliver m Ann
James and Mary
Margaret, James
1840 1st Garvagh Presbyterian Church, Visitation, Magheramore This family moved to the Moneydig Presbyterian Church around 1830 Oliver and Ann
Peggy, Wm, Betty, Jane, Mary A, Isabella
James and Mary